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Playing is making culture, not just consuming it

"Playing is making culture, not just consuming it", a blog post by Guillermo Sepúlveda for Land Vegas

I have already mentioned that the gaming is not just a distraction. We have talked little by little that this includes a number of variables that make it an extremely complex phenomenon.

Now, what if I told you that gaming can also create culture or at least reproduce it? We will talk about this in this article: The power of play in cultural creation.

And authors like Huizinga make it known that the game is, if you will, the prehistory of culture. Huizinga will say that “game precedes culture” and, in essence, “culture is played, not just consumed.”

It becomes, from this perspective, not only a “cultural product”, but a “constituent platform of culture”. With this we propose that games are culture, but they also help to constitute it.

That is, they derive from culture, but they are also ways that allow different motivations, experiences, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs and, with that said, cultural interests of all kinds to be channeled.

What has been said above suggests that the types of games mentioned by Callois are not only “creative possibilities”, but rather the channels in which human beings develop culturally.

In short, as mentioned above, a constituent platform of culture, this is re-defined as: an apparatus for the reproduction of beliefs, as well as a platform for the production of truths and human needs (competition, vertigo, simulation, exploration and luck).

Could it be that by playing with today’s technologies, we will be creating a New Culture and a new way of living?


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