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Exploring the possibilities of applications for Apple Vision Pro

With the launch of the innovative Apple Vision Pro, attention is focused on the applications that will expand users’ experience beyond entertainment. These glasses, equipped with the revolutionary VisionOS operating system, promise to transform productivity, collaboration, and much more. Here we present a comprehensive overview of the available applications and their potential impact on daily life and business.

Apple Vision Pro Applications Ecosystem

Applications for iPad and iPhone: These applications are extensions of the already familiar Apple device applications, adapted to work on Vision Pro. Although they do not offer specific mixed reality functions, they allow access to familiar tools such as Messages, Mail, and Photos.

Converted Applications: Third-party and native Apple applications have been updated with VisionOS to offer immersive experiences specific to Vision Pro. These applications make the most of the device’s mixed reality capabilities, offering a more interactive and immersive experience.

New VisionOS Applications: Developed from scratch to work in mixed reality, these applications are designed to make the most of the advanced capabilities of Vision Pro. They offer innovative solutions for productivity, collaboration, and more.

Applications available at Launch

At launch, Vision Pro offers a selection of over 20 integrated applications, including essential tools such as Messages, Mail, Safari, and Music. In addition, applications such as Apple TV, Keynote, and Notes are designed to enhance the user

experience in the new mixed reality environment. Siri integration also provides an intuitive way to interact with applications and devices.

Third-party Applications and Future Possibilities

While third-party applications are still in the process of adaptation for Vision Pro, solutions from renowned companies such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Adobe Lightroom are expected to arrive. These applications, along with other productivity and entertainment tools, will further expand the capabilities of Vision Pro.

Future Perspectives

Although the initial availability of applications may seem limited, Apple is actively encouraging the development of new experiences for Vision Pro. With tools like SwiftUI and ARKit, developers can create innovative applications that make the most of VisionOS capabilities. The Vision Pro app store is expected to grow rapidly, offering a wide range of options for consumers and businesses alike.

Impact on the Business World and Gaming Entertainment

For businesses, Vision Pro offers new opportunities for collaboration and productivity. Business applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom are being adapted to offer immersive experiences, while design solutions such as Gravity Sketch and SculptrVR are facilitating the creation of 3D content in the workplace. Additionally, the capabilities of connecting with computers and projecting virtual screens offer new ways of working and collaborating in virtual environments.

Land Vegas, a 100% immersive entertainment platform, will be available to enjoy with Vision Pro glasses, offering an unparalleled gaming experience. The combination of advanced Vision Pro technology and the Land Vegas platform promises to bring gaming entertainment, immersing users in exciting and immersive virtual worlds.

With these capabilities, Vision Pro will not only transform the way businesses collaborate and work but also offer unprecedented entertainment experiences for gaming enthusiasts. From virtual meetings to epic adventures in the gaming world,

Vision Pro is ready to revolutionize how we interact with technology and entertainment.


Applications for Apple Vision Pro represent an exciting step forward in the convergence of technology and reality. As the applications ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, Vision Pro is poised to transform the way we interact with the digital and physical world. With its potential to enhance productivity, collaboration, and creativity, these glasses promise to open new frontiers in spatial computing and mixed reality.


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