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Land Vegas® is an innovative metaverse under development, merging the thrilling world of online casinos, betting games, and entertainment all into one unique space accessible through virtual reality.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way people interact and have fun in the igaming sphere, creating one-of-a-kind, exhilarating experiences for players across the globe with endless possibilities.

The Land Vegas® company is duly registered in the State of Delaware, USA, and in the same way, it already has an application for intellectual property protection of a unique technology in the world, which uses the Metaverse as an entertainment and betting platform. We are already in the process of expanding to the European and Asian markets in a second stage.

We are also in the process with the Privacy Rules Company (England), in order to develop the highest standards in international protocols, in terms of data protection, for internal use of the company, as well as for its clients and investors.

David Fica Jaque - Land Vegas
Patricio Broerse - Land Vegas
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CGS Awards 2023

Innovation in the Industry recognition

CGS Awards 2023

David Fica Jaque
Visionary Executive of the Year recognition

CGS Brasil 2022

Prêmio Inovação


Are you ready to be part of the future of the iGaming industry? Land Vegas offers an opportunity to step into a world of endless possibilities and exponential growth.

Innovation and cutting-edge

Land Vegas is at the forefront of technology, blending the world of online casinos and betting games with virtual reality, offering unique and immersive experiences to players and creating business opportunities for its partners.

Land Vegas vision

Strategic partnerships

By joining Land Vegas, casino operators and casino game providers can benefit from mutually advantageous collaborations, expanding their reach and diversifying their entertainment offerings in a constantly growing market.

Market expansion

Land Vegas represents a unique opportunity to explore a new market of possibilities, where the gaming and entertainment industries can evolve together and reach global audiences through virtual reality.

Growth potential

The Land Vegas metaverse has tremendous potential to grow and adapt to the changing trends and demands of the market, ensuring a prosperous future for both players and it’s strategic partners in the industry.

Shared vision

Land Vegas seeks to work with partners who share its vision of revolutionizing the entertainment and betting games industry. By joining Land Vegas, you will be collaborating with a committed and passionate team focused on taking the gaming experience to new heights.


The metaverse is a shared, virtual space that converges the physical and digital worlds, enabling users to interact with one another and digital objects in real-time.

The metaverse offers a boundless canvas for creativity, allowing casino operators and game providers to craft unique, unforgettable experiences that transcend the limits of traditional gaming platforms.

The metaverse enables the creation of highly engaging, immersive environments that can captivate players and provide a level of interaction that traditional online casinos and betting platforms can’t match.

The metaverse, powered by virtual reality technology, allows users from all around the world to access and participate in casino and betting activities without the limitations of geographical location or travel restrictions.

Trusted by the best gaming companies in the world

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Some of the best game providers in the world has trusted in us to build the future of gaming and entertainment throughout the Land Vegas metaverse.

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