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Land Vegas Shines at the XVIII CIBELAE Congress: Shaping the Futureof iGaming

Land Vegas, a leader in transforming the iGaming industry through its innovative gaming metaverse, successfully shone at the XVIII CIBELAE Congress held from November 19 to 22 in Lisbon. The congress proved to be an extremely fruitful experience, filled with content and discoveries for the online gaming industry.

David Fica

David Fica, CEO of Land Vegas, shared his thoughts on the company’s participation in the event. “The fair was highly enriched in terms of content. Once again, Land Vegas, with its innovative metaverse, was very well received by visitors, who were impressed with the technology. They all agree, obviously, that our proposal is the future.”

During the event, Land Vegas showcased its latest innovations, with the Gaming Metaverse being one of the highlights and well-received aspects. The technology behind Land Vegas captivated attendees, who firsthand experienced the exciting possibilities of the gaming metaverse proposed by the brand.

Many participants had the opportunity to try on the glasses, enjoying a unique and captivating experience.
Land Vegas has not only stood out for its technological innovation but also the company’s commitment to user experience and the establishment of strong relationships in the industry, as reflected in the positive
reception from attendees.

With the successful conclusion of the XVIII CIBELAE Congress, Land Vegas
solidifies its position as a leader in the transformation of iGaming and as a
benchmark in creating innovative experiences.
Land Vegas, at the forefront of innovation in the iGaming industry, invites all individuals aged 20 and above interested in joining this revolution to register at for early access to the platform launch.
By registering, users will be the first to experience and shape the future of the gaming metaverse.


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