Land Vegas has been selected for a prestigious acceleration program organized by Zero Labs and the University of Las Vegas

Land Vegas, a leading company in the Metaverse Gaming field, has been chosen to participate in the prestigious Innovation Launchpad program, organized by Zero Labs in collaboration with UNLV’s Office of Economic Development (OED) and supported by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

The Innovation Launchpad is a unique program designed to provide Startup founders with the opportunity to test and refine their innovative projects. Land Vegas joins a select group of participants who will engage in hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, and receive guidance from experts during the event to be held in the city of Las Vegas.

Land Vegas, with its focus on Metaverse Gaming, is in a unique position to make the most of this intensive experience. The company is committed to exploring new frontiers in the convergence between digital entertainment and sustainability, aspects that align perfectly with the program’s vision.

This program offers Land Vegas the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, establish strategic collaborations, and acquire the fundamental skills necessary to take their innovative Metaverse Gaming concept to the next level.

“We are excited and honored to have been selected to participate in the Innovation Launchpad. We look forward to realizing all the opportunities presented to us worldwide this year,” declared David Fica.

About Black Fire Innovation

Located at the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park, Black Fire Innovation serves to accelerate innovation for hospitality, gaming, and entertainment. Launched in 2020 in collaboration with Caesars Entertainment Corporation, this living lab is ideal for engaging in cutting-edge research and innovation. Within the facilities, the industry can collaborate with researchers, students, and entrepreneurs to create disruptive innovations. As a hub for technological developments and early-stage startups, Black Fire will have a profound impact in the coming decades.


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