Land Vegas continues to conquer the USA with a special invitation from ProChile

Left to right in the image: Daniel Ortiz Pulgar, Consul of Chile in Miami; David Fica, CEO of Land Vegas; and Juan Gabriel Valdés, Ambassador of Chile in the United States.


Land Vegas, the leading company in transforming the iGaming industry through its innovative gaming metaverse, has been chosen to represent Chile at the “Partners for a Better Future” event organized by ProChile in Miami on December 11th.

The seminar, commemorating 200 years of Diplomatic Relations and the 20th anniversary of the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and the United States, aimed to strengthen the strategic ties between the two countries. Land Vegas, as a prominent participant, had the opportunity to connect with key executives in innovation and various industries, presenting its revolutionary vision of the Gaming Metaverse.

During the exhibition, Land Vegas captivated attendees with its latest innovations, highlighting the Gaming Metaverse as a unique and captivating experience. The technology presented by Land Vegas took center stage, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the exciting possibilities of the proposed Gaming Metaverse.

David Fica, CEO of Land Vegas, expressed his honor in participating in events supported by government entities: “I feel very honored to participate in these events where government entities provide opportunities for new companies to showcase diverse products and innovation.”

The outstanding presence of Land Vegas, supported by ProChile, heralds an exciting chapter in the company’s international expansion. With the Gaming Metaverse as its hallmark, Land Vegas will continue to push boundaries and take the gaming experience to new horizons. For more information, you can visit our website:


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