Land Vegas Press Releases

Land Vegas captivated the attendees of CGS Santiago 2024.

Santiago, Chile

Land Vegas, the highly anticipated virtual reality gaming platform, had a significant presence at the fourth edition of CGS Santiago, an event held at Espacio Riesco on May 29th and 30th. The event brought together key leaders from the betting industry in America.

Among the participating companies, Land Vegas stood out by conducting live demonstrations of its immersive experiences within a gaming metaverse. Their booth was one of the most active during the two-day event, allowing hundreds of attendees to explore this technology that promises to revolutionize digital entertainment.

According to David Fica, CEO of Land Vegas, being part of CGS Santiago reaffirms the company’s commitment to teaching new audiences in an avant-garde and innovative way. “The project has been very well received, and we are confident that it can revolutionize the iGaming industry by offering experiences similar to land-based casinos in the digital world,” stated Fica


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