Land Vegas announces the start of its operations in Latin America, becoming the world’s first company to operate in Virtual Reality

Land Vegas next to GLI booth at G2E Las Vegas

Land Vegas, the leader in the virtual reality (VR) gaming revolution, is pleased to announce the launch of its operations in Latin America. Following a successful participation at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, it is ready to bring its metaverse entertainment technology to Spanish-speaking players. The launch in Latin America is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024 and will mark a significant milestone in the evolution of the global betting industry, thanks to its unique platform and, above all, new formats of cognitive gaming.

The event at G2E Las Vegas was a turning point for Land Vegas. A strategic partnership with SCCG Management allowed the company to present its latest advances in metaverse gaming at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas to industry leaders. The overwhelmingly positive response to these immersive experiences confirmed that the metaverse, powered by Land Vegas technology, is poised to transform the gaming and entertainment industry. David Fica, Founder and CEO of Land Vegas, expressed his enthusiasm: “The launch of Land Vegas in Latin America represents a groundbreaking step in the world of betting. We are confident that the future of gaming and entertainment lies in Virtual Reality.”

Hans Peters - Land Vegas

Land Vegas offers a metaverse gaming experience that goes beyond the boundaries of the casino, providing users with experiences ranging from arcade lounges and nightclubs to cinemas and sports bars with live sporting events. Land Vegas envisions a limitless world where entertainment and betting merge into an exciting 360-degree journey.

Soon, Land Vegas will announce the methods through which enthusiasts can register and become an integral part of the exciting metaverse gaming. Hans Peters, Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Land Vegas, highlighted, “We are delighted to see the deep interest that various companies have shown in joining Land Vegas and being part of this innovative revolution. In the coming weeks, we will announce new agreements that allow us to lead the creation of the future of the industry through immersive experiences. This is a pivotal moment for metaverse gaming, and we are excited about the path we are building.”

Woman using Land Vegas VR

With its upcoming launch in Latin America, Land Vegas demonstrates that it’s time to be part of the metaverse gaming future and shape a new era of entertainment. If you are interested in being part of this transformation, we invite you to get in touch with them by visiting their website at or by emailing


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