“I play, therefore I am!” Revolutionizing a concept to rescue what transcends

Revolutionizing a concept to rescue what transcends - Guillermo Sepulveda - Land Vegas

Refining concepts to later make them explosive

Huizinga will say in his famous book “Homo Ludens”: “The game is a voluntary activity or occupation that is carried out within certain established limits of space and time, according to freely accepted rules, but unconditionally followed, which have their objective in itself. And is accompanied by a sense of tension and joy”

With these words, it is clear that the game is a world apart in which we can manage to feel really different.

But, one may ask, is it only this? Do we play only to feel “tension and joy? At Land Vegas we deeply believe that this goes beyond.

Moving towards the important

Actually, we start from a fundamental premise: We play because we want to perpetuate something, make it memorable and repeatable in our lives. We want something to last and we are looking, specifically, for objects (toys), stories (narrative games) and/or experiences full of play, so that this playful will becomes one with the enormous opportunities offered by the “art of playing”.

And this playful desire is, in turn, a desire for vital, personal and social affirmation. We want to eternalize (encapsulate) in our lives moments that we managed to master or wish to master and thus repeat and remind ourselves that we are capable of adapting to this world continuously until our end.

When looking for our adaptation through the game, be it individual or collective, we define our own mechanics and our personality. We become able to rest our thoughts (distraction), transmit them (communication), socialize them (training) or even reframe them (transformation) if necessary.

In short, we play to feel alive and so that others know that we are here in this world as dynamic beings and capable of living socially with them.

Playing is transcending borders and breaking limits. And not to forget ourselves. On the contrary, we play to remember that internal potential that is in each one of us.

Do you think you can find it? Try playing


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