Forgetting dead Paradigms, invoking Ludicity.

On repeated occasions, we have been talking about the game and the necessary construction of a perspective that thinks about it in a deeper way.

We have already said it on previous occasions, by playing we assert ourselves and, I would add, it allows us to inhabit this world.

Playing is original living. We connect to the world by testing ourselves in it. Well, we are born wanting to physically feel its existence with our senses and, in parallel, wanting to invoke ancestral archetypes (agon = competition, alea = chance, mimicry = imitation, ilinx = vertigo and peripatos = exploration) as we integrate into it.

The activators of these emotional challenges are the players and the result of said activation is biopsychic revitalization.

The more the game is played, the greater its cultural weight. Its influence is greater in people’s routines (everyday life)

Finally, what do we achieve by playing? We activate the vitality of a human group.

The Ludicity of a culture is: what it wants to value and how its inhabitants value it. It is what is between the recreational-social criterion and the recreational will of its inhabitants.

Finding Ludicity is finding the vital sources of a human group (family, commune, union, organization, society)

Without Ludicity, only symbols, artifacts and martyrs remain. With Ludicity, human groups find their self-love and find within themselves their own form and bio-rhythm.

At Land Vegas we want you to revive your Ludicity. Perhaps in this encounter, you will be able to recover even your own Vitality…

What are you waiting for?


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